International Joint Symposium on Pollution Mitigation and Sustainable Regional Development



On January 5th 2013, the University of Danang (UD) in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering Environment – The University of Kitakyushu held a workshop on "pollution mitigation and sustainable regional development" at UD conference room. This workshop was attracted by numerous scientific researchers from the Hanoi University of Civil Engineering, Hanoi National University, Bandung Islamic University from Indonesia, University of Kitakyushu from Japan, and the news agencies and press who came for gethering information. At this occasion, the delegation of UD included Assoc. Prof. Tran Van Nam - President of UD, Dr. Hoang Hai, Director of International Cooperation Department, Dr. Tran Van Quang - Head of Environment Department - Danang University of Science and Technology, representatives from UD’s Science –Technology-Environment Department, lecturers and students of Environment Department - Danang University of Science and Technology.


In the opening speech, Assoc. Prof. Tran Van Nam mentioned current problems of environmental pollution and hoped that after the workshop more research works will be applied for environment protection and sustainable development.



Assoc. Prof. Tran Van Nam - President of the University of Danang


At the conference, many scientific reports focused on current environmental issues such as:

·        “Plastic Wastesand Control Strategy in Bandung Municipality” by Mr. Mohamad Satori - Head of Technology and Environment Center of Bandung Islamic University – Indonesia.

·        “Research Proposal on Environmental Challenge of Casting Industry in Hai Phong City, Vietnam” by Asscoc. Prof. Tsujii Hiroyuki from the University of Kitakyushu.

·        “Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Organic Waste and Septic Tank Sludge at Thermophilic Condition” by Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Viet Anh from Hanoi University of Civil Engineering.

·        “Ability for Controlling Heavy Metal in the Hazardous Sludge from Gold Ore  Processing by Constructed Wetland” by Prof. Tran Van Quang from Danang University of Science and Technology.

Representatives and Environmental experts from universities shared many experiences in planning, management as well as technology solutions, environmental protection and rehabilitation in mineral exploitation, aiming at reducing pollution.



Professor Yasui Hidenari from the University of Kitakyushu - Japan


Besides the group discussions on solutions to the problems which are studied in a number of cities in Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, all delegates agreed that to achieve economic development which brings both economic efficiency and environmental protection, every country should expand international cooperation in the field of information exchange, sciences and technologies, and environmental economics. Moreover, the global and regional issues such as reducing CO2 emission, air and water pollution, forest exploitation, hydroelectric dams, social issues like immigration or labor export should be solved coordinately among countries. Besides, together with international community, each country should actively and positively take part in solving problems related to environment, humanitarian aids, epidemic disease prevention, natural disasters etc.


The workshop contributed to creating exchange opportunities and promoting cooperation in economic development research in a sustainable way, and to creating opportunities for Vietnamese lecturers to learn about the advanced science and technology related to environmental protection used in the region and in the world. 

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