The University of Danang participated in the exhibition at the National Science and Technology Competition 2020 for high school students



On June 19 and 20, member universities  of the University of Danang (UD) such as University of Science and Technology, University of Science and Education, University of Technology and Education, etc participated in the Exhibition of innovative technology products at the National Science and Technology Competition for Students in 2020. This annual competition is organized by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) in collaboration with the People's Committee of Danang City at the Junior High School Nguyen Khuyen, Danang city.


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu - President of UD is visiting a exhibition booth of UD’s member units


At the exhibition, UD's member units participated in the exhibition booths, introduced a number of innovative science and technology products that have been deployed and effectively applied in practice, thereby contributing to spreading and transmitting creative inspiration for students. The products selected for displaying at the exhibition are in many areas of science and technology, key technologies such as: Mechanic, Automation, Electronics and Telecommunications, Information Technology, Biotechnology, etc., bringing effective application, practical utilities to serve the community, especially in the time of preventing the COVID-19 pandemic such as industrial robot products, robots for transporting necessities in isolated areas in hospitals, automatic machines and hand sanitizer, plastic waste recycling system into useful products, 3D printers, Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphone, environmental pollution warning systems, intelligent systems applied in management traffic management, etc.


The products on display are in many high-tech fields


The exhibitions and products of UD's members attracted the interest and excitement of high school students to visit as well as representatives, leaders of the MOET and teachers of junior and senior high schools in Danang city. Through the introduction of useful products, science and technology inventions of UD, which has left a good impression on students, teachers and the community about the potential, creativity and results, highlights of innovating the teaching-learning methods, updated with training methods associated with practical applications and current business needs that UD’s members are pioneering in applying such as: Project Based Learning, CDIO, learning from practical experience (Learning Express), BK Tech Show, Capstone Project Protection (students protect projects from real topics of online businesses) etc.


UD’s President (the 3rd from the left)

takes a souvenir photo with the MOET leaders


In addition to participating in the exhibition, which contributes to the success of the largest annual science and technology event at the national level, the member units of UD have also coordinated with enterprises to award scholarships and gifts; Announcing and consulting the latest information in the Project of University Admissions in 2020 including many preferential policies, expanding the area of direct admission or adding admission points for the winners (First, Second, Third) in the National Science and Technology Competition for students this year. See Regulations on direct admission and priority for admission to UD with the regular university degree in 2020 here.


Delegates visit the display booth of UD


In the context of industrial revolution 4.0 and digital era, according to Deputy Minister of MOET Nguyen Huu Do, the development of knowledge and new technologies has been rapidly changing all aspects of life, thereby requiring MOET and students must adapt, change their thinking and boost their creativity. These "playgrounds" such as this Competition and exhibition activities not only help students develop their STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Maths, the combination of science, technology, engineering and maths forms the knowledge base and skills to solve problems in education and practical applications) but also increase opportunities for students to connect general education with higher education, so that schools can constantly change the new training and evaluation methods associated with experience and practice, moving with 4.0.


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Thanh Bac - Vice President of UD

and leaders of UD’s members at the Exhibition


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