President of the University of Danang warmly welcomed professor Andreas Jean – Pierre Foldnényi from Switzerland.


On the afternoon of January 08th 2013, President of the University of Danang (UD) had a meeting with Prof. Andreas Jean-Pierre Foldnenyi from Switzerland and Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang, Director of the Centre for Swiss Education. Joining in the meeting, there were also MSc. Ho Phan Hieu - Vice Director of Administration Department, MA. Ho Long Ngoc, Vice – Director of International Cooperation Department and other related officers.

At the meeting, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Van Nam, President of UD gave a brief introduction about the organizational structure of UD, summarized the cooperation situation between UD and other universities in the world and introduced about training orientation in the years to come in which education quality has been focused. In order to expand cooperation relationship with European partners, the President expressed his desire to push up cooperation with the Universities of Switzerland in the exchange of students and lecturers, joint research and joint projects.


It is known that Prof. Andreas Jean - Pierre Foldnenyi is currently Senior Advisor and visiting lecturer specializing in Strategic Management at 5 Swiss big universities. Being experienced person working closely with universities, he has grasped the strengths as well as international cooperation strategy of each Swiss university. Since then, he has always been a bridge to connect cooperation between Swiss universities and other universities around the world. Prof. Andreas hoped to have the opportunity to link UD with Swiss universities. He is glad to know that UD has attached the importance to quality issue in training which has always been heightened in the development strategy of Swiss universities.

On this occasion, Prof. Andreas proposed three (03) possibilities of cooperation between the two sides:

·        Cooperationin the mode of 2+2 or 3+1 programs with Northwestern University, Switzerland.

·      Cooperation with the University of Lucern in the field of tourism to open short-term training courses. Currently, the University of Lucern is ready to coordinate with UD in organizing short-term training courses completely taught by lecturers from Switzerland and with certificate granted.

·       Cooperation with SSTH (Swiss School of Tourism & Hospitality) in Tourism and Hospitality. SSTH has delivered short-term seminar courses with 12 available subjects and will send lecturers to Viet Nam partners to coordinate when in need.

In response to the proposed possibilities, Assoc.Prof.Tran Van Nam highly appreciated and expressed his willingness to cooperate with Swiss universities in 2+2 or 3+1 model in the fields of Technology, Economics, Finance and Banking or international Master program in Finance and Banking, Tourism and Hospitality.

Prof. Adreas was very pleased with the cooperation willingness of UD and suggested the started point to cooperate as the basis for the expansion of cooperation in the future.


At the end of the meeting, President Tran Van Nam assigned International Cooperation to contact with Centre for Swiss Education to promote the next steps of cooperation.

After the meeting at UD, Professor Tran Van Nam had two talks with students of advanced program and students received Intel scholarship at Danang University ofTechnology. Here, Professor presented two topics: “How to make a strong first impression: The first and only one chance!" and “Successful writing a job application papers and prepare a job interview." The presentations were very lively and provided students with valuable experiences before graduation and taking part in a job interview. The students participated in ebullient discussions with many practical questions which demonstrated their ability to communicate in English fluently, confidently, and impressed Prof. Andreas Jean - Pierre Foldnenyi.

The visit of the delegation ended in warm atmosphere and opened up many opportunities for cooperation of both sides. 

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