Alumni of the UD’s University of Science and Technology have their work published in the International Journal of Science of the Total Environment



Recently, Tran Phuoc Bao Thu and Pham Nguyen Hong Ngoc – two alumni of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Science and Technology, the University of Danang (UD)– have had their research published in the Elsevier’s famous international journal of Science of the Total Environment.


Hong Ngoc and Bao Thu (second and third from left) with Japanese peers.


This is a SCI-E magazine (group Q1) with a very high difficulty and an impact factor of up to 5.6. The research was entitled “Effect of social distancing measures on the spread of COVID-19 in 10 highly infected countries” conducted by the two alumni in collaboration with professors from the UD and the Utsunomiya University (Japan).

This reseach focused on analyzing scientific basis to propose solutions to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in countries with high infection rates (USA, Spain, Italy, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Iran, and China). Accordingly, the results showed the effectiveness, time and extent achieved in the prevention of Covid-19 infection thanks to social distancing in the above countries.

Notably, the two alumni just graduated from the UD’s University of Science and Technology in 2019. During their study, both had the process of accummulating and experiencing scientific research, achieving many prominent academic and research results thanks to the training environment as well as the experience and enthusiasm of lecturers.

Bao Thu is an excellent architecture student who won the 1st prize in the Faculty of Architecture’s Student Scientific Research Conference, the 2nd prize in the “Students’ Green Architecture Design 2019” Award with the project “Center for pets care and wild animals relief in the West of Ba Na”. Meanwhile, Hong Ngoc was invited to attend a short-term training course at the Yokohama National University (Japan) when she was a student. Both students successfully got postgraduate admission of the Utsunomiya University and are preparing to depart for Japan.

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