The University of Danang alumnus was honored in the top 20 typical young people in Southeast Asia to meet the 36th ASEAN Summit’s leaders



Recently, Mr. Le Anh Tien - the University of Danang (UD) alumnus has been honored to be one of the 20 typical young people in Southeast Asia selected to attend the 36th ASEAN Summit’s leaders meeting (due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ceremony took place in the form of online).


Le Anh Tien is the alumnus from the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, University of Science and Technology, UD, who was honored to be voted as one of the top 10 typical young people of Vietnam in 2019 (the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union), Champion of the "Innovative Technopreneur Contest 2019" (Techfest-2019), First Prize of the "Startupper of the Year" (by Total Challenge 2018-2019), Third Prize of "Vietnam Talent Award 2016" with a comprehensive solution for surveillance cameras.


Le Anh Tien (the first row, 4th from the right)


During the university years, Le Anh Tien spent most of his time studying and researching in the Lab with his passion. The outstanding technological innovation product of Le Anh Tien is the MultiGlass Smart Glass (the award for the Vietnam Talent Award, announced in the Vietnam Creative Golden Book 2016). “MultiGlass is a smart device product that enables people with disabilities to use computers with just the movements of their eyes and heads. With this glasses, people with disabilities can communicate with computers more easily, so that they can access information on the Internet as well as search for jobs, take control of their lives”, Le Anh Tien shared. After that, Le Anh Tien had developed an anti-drowsy integrated device for MultiGlass, which identifies signs of fatigue and drowsiness from drivers to alert to limit and prevent traffic accidents caused by drivers dozing off...


Honored to meet Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc


Thanks to the passion of creativity during the journey from high school (Bronze Medal for Creative Contest for children and youth nationwide) which was nurtured, winged the dream of creative start-up right from the University, up to now, Le Anh Tien has had nearly 20 scientific research projects, applied products and won many high prizes in competitions. In 2019, he won the Asean Rice Bowl Startup Awards-2019, Best Project (E-Business WSIS Prize-2019 category) World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) organized by the International Telecommunication Union, Top 12 of the US Science Promotion Association's GIST Tech-I Competition-2019 Contest and the only representative of Vietnam selected to participate in the Startup World Cup-2020 which is held in San Fransisco, USA.


MultiGlass - smart glass product

won the Techfest Vietnam-2019 Cup


Sharing the secret of successful startup, Le Anh Tien said that the most important of a startup is effort. "Miracles are also known as effort, if the effort is not enough, it is difficult to succeed," Le Anh Tien shared. The proverb "Failure is the mother of success" is deeply understood by a startup. The important thing is that after each failure, we need to train the will and determination to stand up and continue our endless passion. Le Anh Tien is currently the 9X CEO of Chatbot Vietnam Joint Stock Company with the mission value of "Constantly innovating, creating and serving the community". During the period of COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam and many countries around the world, Le Anh Tien and his colleagues worked day and night to complete a chatbot to support updating information on the pandemic to the community. Le Anh Tien said that in the coming time he will develop this product for the education.


Spreading the passion to start a business

for UD students/ alumni


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