The University of Danang implemented the cooperation agreements with Danang People's Committee for the period of 2020-2025



Recently, senior leaders of the University of Danang (UD) attended the meetingchaired by Vice Chairman Le Trung Chinh with the participants of senior representatives of Danang People's Committee and Danang departments on the implementation of the Cooperation Agreements between Danang People's Committee and UD for the period of 2020-2025. On the side of UD, there were Assoc. Prof. Le Quang Son – UD’s Vice President and senior representatives of Rectorate board of UD’s member universities and UD’s functional departments.

The cooperation agreement between UD and Danang People's Committee for the period of 2020-2025 was signed by Mr. Huynh Duc Tho City - Chairman of Danang People's Committee and UD’s President Nguyen Ngoc Vu on January 20, 2020 with the aim of meeting the objectives and requirements of the socio-economic development of Danang according to Resolution No. 43-NQ / TW of the Politburo; thereby promoting the potential advantages of each party, confirming the mission of high quality human resources training to deploy the development strategy of region and the whole country of UD.



According to contents of the cooperation agreement, in the period of 2020-2025, UD and Danang People's Committee would coordinate to direct and deploy comprehensive cooperation in many key fields to promote the great potential of UD’s knowledgeable team, scientists, lecturers and students, while exploiting the advantages of a dynamic city, which was on the way to strongly develop to become a nucleus and a driving force of the key economic region of Central area and Western Highlands. 

The key cooperation fields were high-quality human resource training and the promotion of scientific research; solutions suggestion; the review of socio-economic development policies on Tourism, Services and International cooperation, Science and Technology (in which attaching importance to developing IT and communication applications in the direction of building e-authority, "smart" cities, environment and ecology), Urban Transportation, Logistics, Finance, Banking, Planning, Architecture and Construction, Sustainable development of Natural resources and Environmental protection, Culture, Social Sciences, Humanities and Foreign languages ​​..


Assoc. Prof. Le Quang Son – UD’s Vice President shared his ideas


The successful implementation of the cooperation agreement’s contents brought about the important significance for the development of the city as well as UD for the key role of the Central region and Western Highlands, meeting the expectations of Danang Party committee's and Danang’s citizen. Vice Chairman of Danang People's Committee affirmed to continue supporting and creating favorable conditions for UD's staff, lecturers and students to teach, do research and study to promote their potentials and strengths, especially the coordination and efforts to speed up the progress of UD’s construction project in Hoa Quy-Dien Ngoc.


IT application in multilingual voiceover system

at the Danang Museum


At the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Le Quang Son – UD’s Vice President reported the draft of Implementation Plan of the Cooperation Agreement in the upcoming time including 60 specific tasks for 06 key groups (Tourism, Services and International Cooperation, Science Technology and Communication Information, Transportation, Industrial construction planning, Natural Resources and Environment and Social Culture). UD’s Vice President also gave special thanks to the direction and interest of Danang’s leaders and hoped that relevant departments, agencies and UD’s member universities and affiliated units would continue to advise and implement with targets, itinerary, human resources arrangement and funding to ensure the completion progress as required.


City-level thesis defense


According to reports of Danang departments and UD’s functional departments and member universities, up to now, many key cooperation contents between the two sides had been promoted and implemented such as: Proposing solutions to develop Da Nang tourism into a spearhead economic sector, an important driving force for the socio-economic development, develop Da Nang into a top destination for tourists; Coordinating to organize many domestic and international conferences to promote tourism and trade as well as develop Danang’s market and typical products; Implementing the 4.0 technology application programs (AI, Big Data, IoT, digital transformation); Training high-quality human resources for hi-tech park projects, software technology parks and key investment projects to develop Da Nang into an “startup and innovation center in direction of smart urban", e-authorities synchronized with the "smart" urban network of ASEAN region; Ordering to manage projects, constructions planning, architecture, transportation, environmental protection and proactively responding to climate change ...


The establishment of Vietnam-Korea University of Information and Communication Technology – UD contributed to the development of IT human resources


According to Danang Department of Science and Technology, UD was presiding over Science and Technology topics that the city had urgent needs (02 state-level projects, 05 city-level projects and 14 unit-level projects) with a total budget of nearly VND 19 billion.

Stakeholders were also coordinating to develop and implement programs, solutions, and policy reviews in the fieldsof Social Sciences and Humanities, focusing on promoting the unique cultural identity of Danang City; Implementing medical human resource and nursing training programs aiming to prepare for the establishment of University of Medicine and Pharmacy under the management of UD according to UD's Development Strategy to 2025 with a vision to 2035, meeting the requirements of Health care requirement for Danang citizen and the Central area- Western Highlands as a whole.