The University of Danang’s students are passionate about researching and manufacturing machines



Le Dang Thai Phong and Ngo Quang Truong are two familiar names in the group of students who are passionate about researching and manufacturing machines. From this interest, both have had outstanding scientific research projects with many highly applicable products.

Ngo Quang Truong is a student majoring in Automation and Control Engineering at University of Science and Technology – the University of Danang (UD). Right after becoming a student at his University which is one of the most traditional prestigious science and technology training institutions in the country, Truong soon registered to join the “BK Makers” Club which gathers students passionate about technical creativity in the University.


Ngo Quang Truong.


Having valuable opportunities to practice in this active, academic and creative environment, Truong gradually gained knowledge and proactively submitted research topics as well as products to participate in scientific research competitions at the University.

In particular, thanks to the enthusiastic support and guidance of lecturers, Truong and his friends worked on the topic “The system of processing plastic waste into raw materials for 3D printers” which won the 1st prize of a student scientific research conference of the University of Science and Technology – the UD.

Being a 3rd-year student in Automation at University of Technology and Education, UD, Le Dang Thai Phong has many outstanding products and research topics such as: smart walking cane for the elderly, the LORA application for warning traffic jam during peak hours, gas leak warning device, etc. According to Phong, these are research topics, innovative products stemming from the observation of social needs and the desire to solve problems and shortcomings in real life.


Le Dang Thai Phong (left) with his smart walking cane for the elderly.


With the aforementioned products, last year, Phong and his group of friends won a number of high prizes such as: the 1st prize of the university-level student scientific research conference, the 3rd prize of the Danang city-level student scientific research conference, especially the 2nd prize of the innovative start-up ideas competition in the South Central Coast region, etc. As the leader of SRT AAP (APP Student Research Team) of the University of Technology and Education – the UD, Phong is both an inspirer and key participant in scientific research projects.


Phong won the 1st prize of the Vintech’s “Seeding your idea” competition 2019.


Pham Duy Duong, a lecturer of Automation, Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the UD’s University of Technology and Education (who won the 3rd prize of VIFOTECH 2019) shared his experience: “After many years of guiding students to do research, I realized that students should not only focus on theories but also need to join scientific research groups to gain practical skills and experiences. That will help students cultivate and apply their knowledge into the practice. Every failure also teachs us useful lessons and experiences. Be brave, dare to think, dare to act, be confident, students will achieve successes!”.

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