The University of Danang promoted cooperation with Hallym University, Korea



In the morning of January, 16th 2013, The University of Danang (UD) welcomed the delegation of Hallym University (HU), Korea, led by Dr. Baek Sop Kim, Dean of Graduate School. In the delegation, there were also Dr. Jinseu Park, Principal Research Investigator, Department of Biomedical Science, Dr. Nguyen Van Thuan, Secretary for Dean of Graduate School. At UD’ side, there were Assoc. Prof. Ngo Van Duong - Vice President of UD, Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Dinh Lam – Head of Research, Postgraduate Studies & International Cooperation Office, University of Science and Technology, MA. Ho Long Ngoc – Vice Director of International Cooperation Department, representatives from University of Education and other relevant officers.



In the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Ngo Van Duong briefly introduced about framework of organization as well as training programs of all member universities of the University of Danang. Especially, Vice President Ngo Van Duong also presented research cooperation programs that have been conducted between UD and other foreign universities. UD’s Vice President also expressed his desire to promote the cooperation with different universities in Korea in general and HU in the fields of medical and pharmacy in particular. The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of UD has just established for 5 years and now the source of lecturers is limited and insufficient, Therefore, Vice President Ngo Van Duong hopes widening the cooperation with HU especially in the fields of medicine and pharmacy will create more conditions to promote and develop the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, increase the number of qualified medical lecturers and exchange training programs, research works and deploy cooperative programs between UD and HU.


Responding to the question of Assoc. Prof. Ngo Van Duong about framework of organization and training program at HU, Dr. Baek Sop Kim briefly introduced about HU through a video and attached brochure. It is known that Hallym University is a private university located in Chuncheon, a city of beautiful nature, selected as one of the best cities to live in Korea and only 40 minutes away from Seoul, one of the most vibrant metropolises in the world. Especially, HU specializes in training medical and pharmacy. HU has the largest medical institution in Korea, consisting of 6 general hospitals with 4000 patient beds and 600 medical professors. Dr. Baek Sop Kim also shared proudly that based on the 2012 QS Asian University Rankings, HU is ranked 100th in Asia and 19th in Korea. In addition, Dr. Baek Sop Kim also introduced about the scholarships as well as other financial supports for different postgraduate courses at HU and emphasized that HU is willing not only to cooperate and support Vietnamese students in their study and research at HU but also receive UD’s lecturers, doctoral students to come to do research or for training in short-term or long-term courses.


Assoc. Prof. Ngo Van Duong acknowledged teaching and research proposals by Dr. Baek Sop Kim and expressed his willingness to cooperate with HU.



After the meeting, two sides signed the MOU and hoped the cooperative activities between the two universities will soon be deployed as well as have good results in the future.


At the end of the meeting, Dr. Baek Sop Kim expressed his thanks to UD for the warm welcome and hopes that cooperative programs in training and scientific research between the two universities will develop steadily.


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