UD moved up 6 positions, ranking among Vietnam's top 6 leading universities in the Webometrics's list



According to the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities (WRWU) that has just been announced in July 2020, the University of Danang (UD) has increased by 6 positions, ranking among the top 6 leading universities of Vietnam.

This is a significant progress which displays the noticeable efforts of the UD thanks to its positive, comprehensive and effective measures such as: the reform in publication, access and advance in information quality; the comprehensive connection in websites of the UD with those of its member units as well as domestic and international partners; the increase in scientific publications of ISI, SCOPUS with many new and valuable research findings that were cited on the Google Scholar, the regular publication of digital media products (newsletters, annual reports, etc.); the continuous improvement and advance in the education quality assurance and international accreditation.


UD ranks among Vietnam's top 6 leading universities.


The WRWU is a system which ranks the universities on the basis of the total index including the volume of website contents, the total web views, the impact on external publications (citation of the university's websites).

The WRWU aims to encourage the improvement in the presence of scientific institutions on websites as well as stimulate the open access publication and extraction of research findings of universities all over the world.


Webometrics stimulates the open access publication and extraction of research findings of universities.


Webometrics highly appreciates the assistance of Open Access initiatives to increase the access capability to digital scientific researches and academic publications. It presents the worldwide universities' ranking result based on the parameters of educational institutions' websites following the 4-criteria ranking standard:

Presence: the number of sub-websites stored in the university's system are recognized by the Google;

Impact: the number of backlinks from other websites to the university's ones;

Openness: the number of scientific research works' extracts on the Google Scholar data;

Excellence: top 10% of articles written by lecturers, scientists of the university published on the most-cited SCOPUS's scientific journals.

The WRWU is regularly updated twice a year in January and July. Its latest result continues to prove the prestige and position of the UD in the top leading universities of Vietnam, at the same time reflects the UD's efforts to develop significantly and integrate into the regional and international universities.

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