The University of Danang welcomed the delegation from Keimyung University, Korea



In the morning of January, 22nd 2013, The University of Danang (UD) welcomed the delegation of Keimyung University (KU), Korea, led by Mr. Kim Kyu Won, Team leader of Industry-Academic Cooperation Supervision Office. At UD’ side, there were Ms. Ho Long Ngoc – Vice Director of International Cooperation Department and other relevant officers.



In the meeting, Ms. Ho Long Ngoc briefly introduced about framework of organization as well as training programs of all members universities of the University of Danang. Especially, Vice Director Ho Long Ngoc also presented cooperative programs that have been conducted between UD and other Korean universities such as Chungwoon University, Kangnung National University, Pachai University, Sejong University…Vice Director also expressed her desire to widen the cooperation, do co-research and deploy student exchange programs, lecturer exchange programs in the form of short-term or long-term courses as well as coordinate to carry out cultural exchange programs between UD and KU.


Responding to the question by Ms. Ho Long Ngoc about framework of organization and training program at KU, Mr. Kim Kyu Won briefly introduced about KU through a video and attached brochure. It is known that Keimyung University is a Christian university established in 1954 with its educational precept: “For the Kingdom of Truth, Justice, and Love”. Keimyung University has 3 campuses located in Daegu, Korea. KU has about more than 27000 students and more than 2400 teaching and administrative staff. KU is an interdisciplinary university, especially specializing in medicine and pharmacy training. Besides, in 2011, KU was honored to be chosen as Advancement for College Education University by the Korean Ministry of Education. KU is an outstanding university that has been granted generous funds from the government. In 2015, KU will complete building the New Dongsan Medical Center. Especially, with the educational percept: “Love for Humanity”, KU quite attaches special importance to volunteer activities. More than 1672 students of KU have volunteered in the fields of education, medical service… in developing countries such as Nepal, Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, Laos… In addition, Mr. Kim Kyu Won also emphasized that KU’s delegation will discuss with KU’s senior leaders about cooperative programs such as student exchange program, lecturer exchange program… as well as signing of the MOU between UD and KU after returning back to KU.



After the meeting at UD, the delegation from KU continued their visit to students’ classrooms of the University of Foreign Language Studies at level 11 – English Language Institute and Learning Resource Center. At the meeting, Ms. Phan Thu Nga, Director of Learning Resource Center briefly introduced about framework of organization and learning corners sponsored by American Consulate and French Embassy in Vietnam.


At the end of the meeting, Mr. Kim Kyu Won expressed his thanks to UD for the warm welcome and hopes that cooperative programs in training and scientific research between the two universities will develop steadily.

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