The Delegation from the University of Danang (UD) visited and worked with the University of Kitakyushu (UoK), Japan.



Accepting the invitation of the president of the University of Kitakyushu (UoK), UD’s delegation led by Assoc. Prof. Tran Van Nam – UD’s President together with Dr. Vo Xuan Tien – Director of Post Graduate Studies Department, Dr. Hoang Hai – Director of International Cooperation Department, M.A Nguyen Thi Kim Binh – Chief of UD’s Communist Party Office paid a working visit to UoK, Japan from Feb 19th , 2013 to Feb 23rd, 2013.


The University of Kitakyushu is one of the public universities established in 1946 in Kitakyushu city, Kyushu island– one of 4 main islands of Japan. Kyushu is located in the south-west of Japan - the birthplace of Japanese civilization. UoK has 2 campuses: Kitagata campus and Hibikino Campus, the number of students is about 6,075 including 500 master students and doctoral students studying in different faculties such as: Foreign Languages, Economics, Business Administration, Humanitarians, Technology, Environment… UoK specializes in training Mechanical Technology, Electronics, Chemistry Technology, Environment, Business Administration, Culture and cooperating with enterprises. UoK has cooperative relationships with a lot of universities and research institutes in the world including Vietnamese universities. UD has established the cooperative relationship with UoK from 2009 in the framework of the project “International Leader Training Program for Sustainable Use of Water and Resources (SUW)", with Metawater company (Japan) through Prof. Yasui with Environmental Engineering Faculty of Danang University of Science and Technology. The professors, lecturers and students of the two universities have carried out a lot of working visit tours, academic exchanges, teaching and organized seminars, scientific conferences. This project has been carried out effectively.


With the aim of establishing the relationship with enterprises in Kyushu city and finding out an environmental city as a model city as well as UoK’s contributions to the sustainable development of this region, UoK has arranged a visit for UD’s delegation to the ecological city, smart town, zero emission enterprises. At the beginning of industrial development, thanks to the advantageous geographical location, Japan has chosen Kitakyushu as a place to develop heavy industry such as iron, steel, cement, chemicals…In the early 1960s, Kitakyushu was the most polluted city in Japan and Dokai Sea was called “the Dead Sea”. Thanks to synchronous, correct and drastic policies from the government, enterprises, universities, research institutes and residential community, the environmental problem had been solved thoroughly. The Kitakyushu city has been recognized as “The environmental city” and received a lot of awards from United Nations, the World Environmental Organizations and Japan. Up to now, there are thousands of people from 138 nations visiting the environmental model city to learn more experiences.


UD’s delegation visited Hibikinada - typical eco – town (selected and built by Japanese government) of Kitakyushu city.  Hibikinada is in the process of developing to become a typical eco town of Japan,  Asia and in the world with system of smart using energy, natural energy (wind power energy supports for 10,000 households, hydrogen energy for cars, motorbikes…, solar energy with intelligent panel system, able to move towards the direction of the sun to absorb optimal energy),  waste recycling facilities of city from watse of cars to plastic bottles, aluminum cans, iron cans, food waste, used oils...



Finding out about Hydrogen fuel for cars and motorcycles



Visiting the environmental model city


With the hope to develop the environmental research in collaboration with UoK in order to contribute to the improvement of Danang city’s environment, UD’s delegation also visited J-power electric power company ( this company has investment in Petro Vietnam Nhon Trach 2 Joint Stock Company, Dong Nai and Nghi Son - Thanh Hoa thermal power plant), animal and fish feed processing company ( this company uses fish waste to make power feed for fish and animal) in order to learn more experiences and carry out research collaboration for UD and Danang city.



During 2 days ( Feb 21st and Feb 22nd ), UD’s delegation together with the leaders of UoK exchanged information relating to the development process, reached achievements, future orientations as well as some fields which can be cooperated between UD and UoK. Especially, two sides have emphasized on cooperative fields , training programs in economics, culture, society, law with different member universities of UD ( University of Economics, University of Education, University of Foreign Language Studies and other member universities)  and research training programs in environment, architecture and some majors of University of Science and Technology (especially in electronics, chemistry technology, information technology and mechanical engineering)


At the end of the meeting, the Presidents of two universities signed the MOA in order to create more opportunities for lecturers in exchanging academics, teaching, building projects, cooperating enterprises, publishing.


UD’s president  - Prof. Tran Van Nam and UoK’s president – Prof. Michiaki Kondo discussed and signed MOA.


Two sides hope to promote master programs, PhD programs, short-term or long-term internships... and exchange students, lecturers to study and do research in each university as well as hope that international cooperative activities between UD and UoK will have good results in the future. UoK pledges to support housing and tuition benefits for doctoral students in 911 project, recommend and receive students of scholarships supported by Kyushu region and Japanese government. The studying, researching and living environment of UoK in particular and Kitakyushu in general is very suitable to Vietnamese students and lecturers.


At the end of this visit. UD’s president expressed his thanks to UoK for the warm welcome and invited president and vice president of UoK to pay a working visit to UD in July- August, 2013.

The cooperative programs between UD and UoK create more opportunities for UD’s young lecturers to study 911 project and apply different scholarships with preferential treatments as well as improve cooperative relationship with enterprises. Besides, UD’s students have more opportunities to find out scholarships or self-financial abroad study  in master programs or Ph.D programs.

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