The University of Danang awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree to Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch– the Bavarian State Minister of Science, Research and the Arts and Dr.Erich Lejeune - founder and Chairman of "Heart for Heart"Foundation:To honor the hearts for community



In the afternoon of March 29th, 2013 the University of Danang (UD) held a Conferment Ceremony of Honorary Doctorate degree upon Dr. Erich Lejeune, founder and Chairman of "Heart for Heart" Foundation and Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch – the Bavarian State Minister of Science, Research and the Arts, Germany, to honor their contributions to the education, healthcare and science in Vietnam in general, Danang City and the University of Danang in particular.

Dr. Erich Lejeune and Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch, photo taken at UD

At the ceremony there was participation of Prof. Dr. Bui Van Ga, Deputy Minister of Education and Training; Dr. Vo Duy Khuong, Vice Chairman of Danang City People's Committee, and the leaders of universities, institutions, units from the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG)

On behalf of the Ministry of Education and Training, Deputy Minister Bui Van Ga congratulated Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch and Dr. Erich Lejeune for receiving honorary doctorate degree from the University of Danang - one of Vietnam leading Universities. The Deputy Minister also expressed his appreciation of the humanitarian activities which the two German doctors have done for Danang - Vietnam during the recent years.

It is known that since 2009, Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch has many contributions to promoting and supporting intensive scientific research activities in the field of health, the organization of training courses for medical staff, teaching staff of the universities in Vietnam and supporting equipment, laboratories for the Faculty of Medicine (University of Danang).

Meanwhile, Dr. Erich Lejeune and "Heart for Heart" Foundation have supported Danang General Hospital many cardiopediatric devices and equipment to help curing thousands of Vietnamese children with congenital heart disease.

It can be said, the cooperation linkage between the University of Danang - Danang Hospital - Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ludwig Maximilians University and "Heart for Heart" Foundation has created a dynamic relationship between the universities with hospitals, helping the teaching staff and doctors acquire the most advanced scientific knowledge in medicine and medical teaching.

Deputy Minister Bui Van Ga desires, Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch and Dr. Erich Lejeune will continue to have more significant contributions to strengthening the friendly cooperative relations between Vietnam and Germanyin the coming years.

“Heart to heart”

With best regards and happiness of receiving this honorable title, Dr. Erich Lejeune, Chairman of "Heart for Heart" Foundation said "being awarded the title of honorary doctorate is a great honor for me”.

“This noble reward is a recognition as well as encouragement for me. Believe that, I will always keep it in my heart, serving as a synergy messenger between Danang and Munich, doing my best to continue strengthening and developing this relationship.”… Dr. Erich Lejeune said.

“Dr..Wolfgang Heubisch, the Bavarian State Minister of  Science, Research and the Arts also expressed his pride and honor: "I have very respected this award. For me, this is a symbol of the good relationship and friendship between our two countries."

Dr.Erich Lejeune and Dr.Wolfgang Heubisch also said, in their hearts filled with joy when they first come to the beautiful country of Vietnam, to feel very clearly the spread of power and energy from the country and friendly people here.

Dr. Erich Lejeune has sincerely shared the reason leading him to Vietnam and the kids with heart diseases. “In the nearly three centuries of our career, my wife Irene and I have been enjoying much luck and success in our work. With deep gratitude, we both felt the need to respond to something. "I have a heart-you have a heart", so in 2003 I said to my wife Irene. And it was a moment that gave birth to the "Heart for Heart-Foundation for life!". But why "Heart for the Heart" comes to Vietnam? Professor Netz, one of the excellent cardiologists in Germany has suggested us to come to Vietnam. Terrible war with the use of Agent Orange and heavy unfortunate consequences not only known throughout the world that still haunts us. We are deeply moved by the suffering and fate of children with heart disease. We therefore decided to broadcast a signal through our foundation and serve a shining example in the struggle to save the children's hearts in Vietnam.

It is dated 22-07-2005, “Heart for Heart” Foundation brought 7-year-old Ngoc Anh, 4-year-old Phuong and 1-year-old Truong baby to Munich to conduct heart surgery at the University Hospital Groβhadern to give them the new life. After successful surgery, we met with the famous Vietnamese doctor Dr. Trong Phi Le, who was then the chief executive doctor of cardiopediatrics of theUniversityHospitalHamburg-Eppendorf. We were strongly impressed by his humanitarian contributions to Vietnam in the field of heart - circulatory diseases.”

Through this linkage, “Heart for Heart” Foundation provided Danang General Hospital with modern equipment for curing children with the support of scientific advisory council of leading doctors in cardiopediatrics. Thanks to that, DanangGeneralHospitalhas cured more than 2,500 children with congenital heart disease from various provinces and cities across the country.

In the morning of March 30th, 2013, Danang General Hospital organized the opening ceremony of equipment system DSA, the most modern system in the area, with the cost of over one million euros supported by "Heart for Heart" Foundation. This project opens up enormous opportunities in curing children with heart disease, and bringing them to a healthy life and to integrating into the community.


Promotingcooperation in educationof Vietnam and  BavarianState - Germany:

A day before, in the afternoon of March 28th, 2013, in Hanoi, the Minister of Education and Training Pham Vu Luan had a meeting with the delegation from Bavarian State - Federal Republic of Germany, led by Dr.. Wolfgang Heubisch, the Bavarian State Minister of Science, Research and the Arts. Members of the delegation included representatives from 14 Universities of Bavarian state. These are prestigious universities in the German higher education system and in Europe.

Minister Wolfgang Heubisch expressed that these universities have a long history of multi-disciplinary, multi-sector training of Bavaria; including strong fields as: machinery, automotive engineering, textile technology, healthcare, trade, economics, electronics - telecommunications, laws, social fundamental sciences and humanities.

Especially, not only strong in training, scientific research, these universities of Bavaria also have many-years experience in working with business corporations and enterprises in the region. Many of these institutions have long term cooperation in training with Vietnam universities and  continue to push up this cooperation.

Therefore, Minister Wolfgang Heubisch confirmed that Bavaria is pleased and ready to welcome Vietnamese students coming to study and do research at Bavarian universities; and  hopes that Vietnam - Bavarian State will promote cooperation in the field of education as well as create favorable conditions for the universities of both sides to promote the image and activities in training and research in the coming years.

Speaking at the meeting, the Minister Pham Vu Luan with pleasureinformed the Minister Wolfgang Heubisch: that at present, Vietnam has a plan of sending 180 young people each year for pursuing their Ph.D programs in the Federal Republic of Germany. In recent years, about 200 Ph.D students, 30 masters students have successfully defended their thesis in Germany. This number has not yet included a large range of students who  self-financed to study and do research in Germany. Especially in recent years, Vietnam and Germany have established Vietnam-Germany University in Vietnam. This is a nice achievement of the commitment in bilateral cooperation at the strategic level of Vietnam and Germany Governments.

Minister Pham Vu Luan proposed  to specify the policy to encourage the educational cooperation between the two nations; Bavarian state and its universities continue to receive Vietnam students and  offer more scholarships to create more opportunities for Vietnam students to study and do research in Germany; Besides, enable the universities of the two countries to promote cooperation in education, exchange of teachers, training programs based on the above mentioned strengths of the Bavarian universities.

Minister Pham Vu Luan emphasized that Vietnam would like the Minister Wolfgang Heubisch and the Bavarian Universities to give priority to cooperative activities in training and research of Vietnam-Germany University in the coming years.

MinisterWolfgang Heubisch was glad to inform Minister Pham Vu Luan that he will attend the ceremony and receive an honorary doctorate degree awarded by the University of Danang. He said that this is a great honor for him.  Minister Wolfgang Heubisch confirmed that he himself will have to try more to promote educational cooperation between the universities of Bavaria and  Vietnam.



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