The students of the University of Danang and the 2013 survey camp at Mahasharakham University, Thailand (MSU)



From March 17, 2013 to March 28, 2013 at the invitation of MSU, Thailand, 10 students and 01 staff of the University of Danang participated in the 2013 Survey Camp at MSU with many students and staff from Laos, Malaysia and Thailand.



The main objective of this Camp is to exchange experience and learn skills on measuring at site for students majoring in civil construction of technical universities in the ASEAN region.


During 10-day study and stay at the Camp, the students and lecturers from 4 universities had good opportunities to apply knowledge on survey to practice; by this way to form surveying skills and creativeness in applying survey techniques to different types of topography. On the other hand, students had a good chance to use modern measuring instruments which they have not been used at their own University.


Doing the exercises designed scientifically, followed closely the knowledge on survey for construction engineering, the students applied successfully and effectively the theories they learned. Students really realized that only with understanding of the theories, the application to measurement will be performed accurately and effectively.


In addition to the professional activities, the students also had the opportunity to participate in cultural exchange activities with foreign students. For lecturers, this activity brought many benefits that helped to exchange teaching methods and create relationships with engineering departments of the universities in the region.


With a professional and well-done arrangement as well as the enthusiasm and dedication of organizers, Survey Camp 2013 was a great success.