Automatic motorbike washing machine of the University of Danang’s students is ordered for mass production


Recently, a group of students from University of Science and Technology (DUT) – the University of Danang (UD) including Dang Hong Quan, Nguyen Huu Lap and Tran Quang Nghia, has successfully invented the automatic motorbike washing machine.

The group’s idea comes from the practical needs of motorbike washing after rains, floods, especially in areas where are often affected by rains and storms in the Central region.

Initially, Quan only planned to design a machine with limited cost within the framework of his graduation project. However, the opportunity came when his supervisor introduced a business that ordered this machine for mass production.

The business required the product that is capable of replacing workers, ensuring a complete motorbike washing process.

It took 4 months from the group’s idea to real product, involving many adjustments to reduce the product’s cost.

After the evaluation, the product met the proposed requirements and will be continually invested, further completed, and put into operation. At present, this machine is offering free pilot service for students and local people living nearby DUT-UD.

The invention passion of DUT-UD’s students is remarkable, as it not only helps them concretized ideas that serve the community’s benefits, but also gives the students opportunities of learning and gaining useful experience, knowledge and skills for future successes.

News by CLIRC – UD

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