Da Nang students keen on bringing creative ideas to fruition


With the support of their schools in collaboration with the Da Nang Youth Union, more and more students in Da Nang have been actively engaged in bringing their creative ideas to fruition. Not only does the opportunity to participate in scientific research help students enhance their creativity but it also contributes to creating highly practical and useful products.

Students and lecturers from the Faculty of Physics, University of Education (University of Da Nang) present hand sanitizers to the Management Board of Con Market. Photo: D.H.L

Creating value through superior products

Over recent time, students at member schools of the University of Danang (UD) have invented many useful scientific and technological products such as the remote measurement of body temperature, robot assisting the transportation of necessities to isolation areas, automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, UV disinfection robot and automatic disinfection chamber. All of these highly practical products, in fact, join hands with the community in the tough fight against the coronavirus resurgence.

The universities of Science and Technology, Science and Education, and Technology and Education, all under the UD, have created automatic hand sanitizer dispensers for distribution to many local agencies and units in a bid to serve the COVID-19 prevention and control duties.

Most of the hand sanitizer dispensers show off a simple structure, including a sensor system, a nozzle and a container of antiseptic water. To get the antiseptic water, users just need to put their palm under the nozzle, the automatic sensor system is activated and will spray a sufficient amount into the hand.

In particular, the 4-strong "BK Maker" group under the guidance of Dr. Ngo Dinh Thanh, a lecturer of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at University of Science and Technology-UD, in collaboration with Doctor Phan Huu Phuoc from the Da Nang General Hospital, has developed a compact automatic hand sanitizer dispenser which features many preeminent features.

Recently, a group of students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Science and Technology, with support from their lecturers, has made the debut of a mobile cabin which transports patients infected with COVID-19.

The over 1.5m long, nearly 1m wide, 1.8m high cabin is equipped similarly to a negative pressure chamber with disinfectant spray equipment,an exhaust fan, warning lights and oxygen tanks for use in emergency situations.

The 80kg, 4-wheel device which features a maximum load of 200kg can be moved by using an electric scooter in the hospital’s premises or just manually pulling along corridors.

The initial production cost of the product is estimated at VND60 million, and if mass production is conducted, the price will be reduced further.

The cabin was made within one month at per request of the Lien Chieu District Medical Centre, with the aim of meeting the transportation needs of patients suspected or infected with COVID-19 within the hospital.

The device was handed over to the centre on July 1.

The device helps facilitate the transportation of patients suspected of catching the virus from quarantine areas to wards for clinical examination, as well as from the wards where they are detected to the concentrated quarantine sites, thus helping prevent the spread of the viris and cross-contamination during travelling.

Master Dang Xuan Thuy, a lecturer at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering-DUT, shared: " In the hospital, it is impossible to use big cars and ambulances to transport patients. Therefore, the device helps facilitate the transportation of the patients suspected or infected with COVID-19 to different wards for clinical examinations and even into their treatment rooms."

The cabin can be moved by using an electric scooter or just manually pulling.

Unleash students’ creativity

In parallel with the inventions for pandemic prevention and control, through competitions organized by the Da Nang Youth Union and the Department of Science and Technology, many students have promoted their creativity and come up with many great and practical ideas.

Typically, the ‘Autolau - Automatic glass cleaning device’ and the ‘Masks made from sugarcane baits’ developed by a group of students of the city-based Duy Tan University, the ‘Bio-Pro products for the treatment of industrial by-products during  shrimp production ”by a group of students from University of Science and Education-UD were highly appreciated at the municipal contest "Innovative start-up ideas among Youth Union members and students’

According to student Nguyen Truong Huy, the project leader of "Autolau - Automatic glass cleaning device", the idea came from the fact that there was no automatic glass cleaning device on sale in the market.

“The cleaning of the glass on high is quite complicated and glass surfaces are slippery. Automatic glass cleaning equipment will provide a safe solution for workers, save human effort, and reduce labour costs. Thanks to this project, we can practice scientific research skills, and understand the economic development model of a project to develop production and business."

Meanwhile, student Tran Vinh Phuc from the FPT University of Da Nang shared that his group has participated in the F-Shark startup programme organized by his school. His group chose to research a web platform bringing consultants and investors together on financial investment consulting brokerage which is expected to significantly develop in the future.

“Through the F-SHARK programme, we had the chance to learn many skills in Graphic Design, especially in UI/UX Design and other interesting things in finance, business, as well as understand how a platform works”.

Dr. Duong Thi Lien Ha, Deputy Head of the Department of Science and International Cooperation at the Da Nang University of Economics - UD, noted “Doing students' scientific research is highly experiential. From the first academic year, students have had the opportunity to pursue a research project tied to a specific business. When participating in the research, they receive three main supports from the guidance of the lecturers participating in the actual project, the experience when bringing the project to market; participation in periodic classes on strengthening scientific research methods for students; the use of the research room and data source of the General Statistics Office. Therefore, every year, many students participate in scientific research. Particularly in 2020, this university saw 1,400 students do scientific research with 360 topics, winning many national and municipal -level awards”.

The university has connected with 10 businesses in the field of IT and international projects, and the Department of Science and Technology to offer more information channels to its students in a bi to stimulate their participation  in scientific research activities.

In order to create favourable chances for students to do scientific research, the university recently signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with the General Statistics Office in providing services, in tandem with encouraging students to nurture their passion so that they will accumulate valuable experience and bring their ideas into reality after graduation.” said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Thi Thuy Anh, the Vice Rector of University of Economics-UD.

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