Professor Bui Van Ga’s remote body temperature measuring machine won the 3rd prize of “Initiatives for the community” Program in 2020


Recently, the Organizing Committee of the “Initiatives for the community” Program (the 3rd time) in 2020 has awarded the 3rd prize for the remote body temperature measuring machine of Prof. Dr. Bui Van Ga. The product was researched, manufactured, applied and promptly transferred with the aim to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic in the past year.

This is a prestigious program (held every 2 years) which is jointly organized by the Communist Review, Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, and Vietnam Electricity Corporation in order to seek and honor creative initiatives, ideas and projects that help solve urgent problems of the community for the goal of sustainable development.

Prof. Dr. Bui Van Ga received the prize.

Worrying about the fact that several agencies, units, hospitals,… had assigned staff to use hand-held thermometers to measure the body temperature of people coming in and out of the organizations, which may increase the risk of disease infection, Prof. Dr. Bui Van Ga and his team proposed the idea and directly designed, invented the simple, inexpensive, easy-to-make “Remote body temperature measuring machine” that met the urgent needs in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thanks to the combination of a conventional hand-held thermometer and a remote control system, Prof. Bui Van Ga’s machine helped to minimize close physical interaction among people, which contributed to reducing the risk of virus contagion during body temperature measurement process.

The UD's President Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu congratulated Prof. Dr. Bui Van Ga.

The product has been promptly and effectively applied into the practice of Covid-19 prevention at the UD Headquarters and its member universities, as well as several departments, agencies, hospitals across the country.

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