Students of The University of Danang: Continuous Innovation and living a Green Lifestyle for the community


Over the past time, students of The University of Danang (UD) have had many innovative research activities, notably useful science and technology products, expressing their aspiration to live a eco friendly green lifestyle, protecting the environment for the sake of sustainable development.

Spreading creative aspirations, Green Lifestyle

to students at BK Techshow-2021


 “Green Action Everyday” with the "Green University DUE" Project

Youth Union of University of Economics - UD has just launched the project "Green University DUE" with the slogan "Green Action Everyday" which is attracting a large number of students to respond, aiming to become the generation of students of the first “green university” in the Central Highlands as well as the whole country.

"Green University DUE" Project

with the slogan "Green Action Everyday”

The project has a mission to contribute to creating a Green Lifestyle in students, forming positive living habits in order to participate in practical activities and projects to contribute to the environment protection, landscape in the University and community.

The University highly appreciated the spirit and meaning of "Green University DUE" and would continue to support and create conditions for the project to achieve its long-term goals and significance in order to make the University of Economics-UD to become a “green university”, Vice Rector Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vo Thi Thuy Anh shared.

Contributing for a “green university”


From Biya Robot's creative concept "For an Ocean without Plastic"...

At the Final Round of the Program on “Innovative Ideas for an ocean without plastic” which was launched by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the student group STORM-University of Science and Technology-UD (Thanh Phu, Viet Hung, Thao Nhi, Hung Thinh, Bao Tran) brought a practical application at the "World Biosphere Reserve" Cu Lao Cham (Hoi An, Quang Nam) a Biya robot with the ability to chat, remind people to protect the environment, collect and sort garbage.

Group of students from University of Science and Technology - UD

  and Robot Biya "For an ocean without plastic"


The product was appreciated not only because of its technological utility which provides a tool for garbage collection and classification but also the inspirational message “Never say never… Let's build a generation together for a Green Lifestyle", the aspiration to protect the environment by small actions with great significance.

Biya also gave small gifts, encouraged beautiful actions of young people, engaged in friendly interaction with the community, thereby winning the first prize of the contest (with a bonus of 70 million VND and actual implementation support).

Innovative ideas, high communication efficiency

towards sustainability in order to protect the marine environment


To Natural mushroom flower Tea filter bag, a potential product in young innovation startup

At the Innovation Start-up Festival 2020 (organized by the Da Nang City Youth Union), the topic and product "Research and production of natural mushroom flower tea filter bags" of the group of students from the Faculty of Biology and Environment-University of Science and Education-UD (Le Thi Phuong Thu, Nguyen Doan Nhat Quynh, Ho Thi Trang, Bui Duc Thang) excellently won the first prize.

Group of students from University of Science and Education-UD

and Natural mushroom flower Tea filter bag


The group combined the aroma of flowers (Chrysanthemum, Artichoke and Stevia Rebaudiana) and the bitter but rich, nutritious mushroom to create the product value of Natural mushroom flower Tea filter bag without flavoring or using synthetic flavors.

By propagating technology, cultivating Chrysanthemum plant tissue and growing raw flowers, thereby ensuring the availability of supplies right at the University, "National mushroom flower Tea filter bag" has been developed and completed to expand the production and trade range.

Products with the aspiration of Green Lifestyle,

health protection, close to nature


The product had received the support of the University as a gift product on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the establishment of University of Science and Education-UD, was tested and rated 100% safe for users by the Control Center for quality assessment of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries region 2 and Quatest 2 (eradicate harmful microorganisms with the technology "Atomic irradiation").

President of UD Nguyen Ngoc Vu

awarded the First Prize for Scientific Research for Students 2020


Solution "Designing and manufacturing coolers for solar panels to improve the photovoltaic conversion efficiency of solar panels"

Among hundreds of subjects and creative products of students enthusiastically participating in the UD Scientific Research for Students Award which was launched from the academic year 2019-2020, the topic of the group of students of Electrical Engineering Faculty-University of Science and Technology-UD (Vo Quoc Huy, Ngo Hong Thinh) stood out, contributed ideas and solutions for clean energy technology, for sustainable development and won the First Prize (with a bonus of 20 million VND and continue to be supported and accompanied by businesses).

Cooling unit to increase performance and longevity

for solar panels


The project had given solar panel cooling solutions, thereby increasing the efficiency and working life of new technology products, in line with the trend of developing solar power applications in Vietnam.

Businesses give the Awards,

accompany with students of UD


With the theme of year 2021 of UD which is "Focusing on improving the quality of training, for the goal of sustainable development", UD will continue to implement many solutions to ensure and improve training quality, support students in scientific research and innovation: From focusing on innovation, applying active teaching-learning methods to promote students' competencies to the continuous improvement of facilities, the potentials and qualifications of the faculty, attracting international lecturers, excellent experts from large corporations and enterprises; closely linking with businesses, former students participate in the training process, etc.

Launching the Scientific Research for Students Award-UD

for the academic year 2020-2021


From the aspiration of Green Lifestyle, the passion for creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit that has been fostered and spread in learning and scientific research, UD students will continue to be the "spring of society", contribute more and more useful scientific and creative products to serve the community, for the sake of sustainable development.

Learn more on Announcement of launching the UD Scientific Research for Students Award for the academic year 2020-2021 here. 


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