The University of Danang actively participates in PHER project: Innovation opportunities, pioneering integration with world higher education


Recently, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Quang Son – Vice President of the University of Danang (UD) and leaders of 02 National Universities, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and US partners including US Agency for International Development (USAID), World Bank (WB), and Indiana University (IU) jointly organized a co-creation webinar under the framework of the Vietnam Partnership for Higher Education Reform Project (PHER Project), focusing on teaching and learning excellence, and research excellence.

Attendees were experts from partners including USAID, WB, IU; PHER Project Management Board; representatives’ leaders of UD’s member universities, affiliated units, and relevant departments

The workshop brought together reputable, experienced experts and representative leaders of universities

At the meetings, UD’s Vice President Le Quang Son highly appreciated the significance of the PHER Project and the important role of relevant organizations and partners, thereby expressing his wish for the active support, advice and experience sharing from the U.S prestigious experts to help Vietnamese universities innovate governance, improve training quality and scientific research to international standards.

“The similarities in the IU’s model of teaching and learning excellence, and research excellence is a good experience for UD to apply under the practical situation of Vietnam higher education reform and development” – affirmed Vice President Le Quang Son.

UD’s Vice President – Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Quang Son delivered a speech at the workshop 

At the discussion sessions, delegates analyzed and clarified the contents related to the topic of co-creation of the PHER Project Framework, focusing on key solutions such as: Strengthening the potential teaching teams; teaching-learning innovation, testing, and assessment, in which online application platforms are concentrated; Completing the training management model and method for two-level university with its member universities and affiliated training units; Improving research efficiency associated with local needs and cooperating to increase international publication on specific fields of humanities and social sciences.

Experience from the innovation and development model of Indiana University can be suitably applied in the practical situation of Vietnamese universities

According to Prof. Tran Ngoc Anh - IU's PHER Project Team Lead, IU will study and advise on the selection of targets and priority programs in accordance with the actual context, innovation strategy, and existing resources, and at the same time actively propose USAID, WB to effectively support each university to achieve its goals, create a breakthrough in the quality of training and scientific research.

Formation of the Vietnamese and international scholars network, and university-enterprise linkage has a positive significance

Based on a series of co-creation workshops to complete the development of the PHER Project Program Framework, the delegates reached a high agreement with the key groups of technical solutions including (1) Establishing Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, (2) Promoting digital transformation in higher education, (3) Strengthening the connection between training and practice, helping learners meet the needs of the labor market; (4) Forming a network of Vietnamese and international scholars, (5) Innovating and perfecting the management and research support system of each university (6) Promoting university-enterprise linkage in training and research development.

Innovation to improve training quality and scientific research, meeting the needs of learners and the international labor market

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