The University of Danang continues to be among the Top 6 Vietnamese leading universities in the Webometrics Ranking (July 2021)


According to the latest update of the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities which was announced in this July, the University of Danang (UD) continued to be among the Top 6 leading universities in Vietnam, at the same time ranked up 57 positions in the global rankings.

This result represents the UD's effort in actively and synchronously deploying solutions such as: increasing the number of accounts and scientific citations on Google Scholar; increasing the frequency and quality of news articles and images on the website; improving the connection and sharing of news articles on the websites of member universities, affiliated units, domestic and foreign partners.

The UD focused on constantly increasing international scientific publications in ISI/SCOPUS systems, improving the quality of its Journal of Science and Technology, regularly releasing digital media publications: quarterly newsletters, annual reports, etc.

Especially, in the past year, the UD put into operation its new website ( with many innovations in terms of utilities, modern technology, friendly interface, timely-updated and accurate information and images to serve the university’s internal and external communication.

Webometrics is a universities ranking system based on composite indicators of the website’s content, readership and the influence on external publications (website’s citations).

In recent years, the UD has approached the top 400 leading universities in Asia (QS Asia ranking), top 3 leading universities in Vietnam (uniRank ranking) and maintained top 6 leading universities in Vietnam (Webometrics ranking), thereby affirming the prestige and academic performance of the UD.

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