The University of Danang: Willing to meet the needs of high quality human resources, providing many job opportunities and start-ups for students


On the new stage of development (2021-2025), Da Nang is strategically oriented for a fast and sustainable development to become a center of innovation and a "worth living" coastal city to reach the stature of a modern city of the country, as well as the regional and Asian levels. More than ever, the demand for high quality human resources, especially for key industries and advanced technology, is becoming great opportunities, attracting investment resources and bringing abundant job opportunities in the coming time.

Nurturing and inspiring the

innovation for students

The University of Danang (UD) has identified the central and cross-cutting theme of 2021 as "The year of focusing on improving the quality of training, for the sake of sustainable development", which will continue to deploy many synchronous methods to ensure and improve the quality of training, from focusing on innovation, applying active teaching-learning methods in order to promote students' competencies, to constantly enhancing potential, the qualifications of the teaching staff, attracting international lecturers, excellent experts from large corporations and enterprises; closely linking with businesses, former students participating in the training process, etc.

Bringing back the friendly learning and living environment

and comfortable service for students


The learner is the center, the teacher is pivotal

Applying the motto "Taking the learner as the center" as well as creating and nurturing a creative, comfortable, friendly, modern learning and researching environment towards international standards so that teachers and students could become truly the center of the training process, has been and is the goal and the ceaseless efforts of the whole system from regional universities to member universities and affiliated units.

The University of Danang is always the choice of candidates and parents

through each enrollment season

The role of teachers who lead, inspire learning and creativity will arouse the activeness and positivity, accompany with students not only in lecture halls, laboratories, workshops but also in planning direction, advice and support to help students grasp and get closer to the needs, a dynamic and challenging real environment to be ready to accept job opportunities, foster entrepreneurship and innovation.

BKDN Techshow 2021

at Phan Chau Trinh High School in Da Nang

A "smart" University in the Industry 4.0 needs to capture, forecast and anticipate the development trend and requirements for knowledge, technology, the needs of the domestic and international labor market, in order to get ready for conditions and development strategy planning to adapt.

“The learner is really the center and the teacher is really the key to the innovation process of teaching and learning. Continuously improving the quality of training and scientific research are the two key things for UD to sustainably develop, integrate and reach international titles”, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu, UD's President confirmed.

Constantly improving the quality of training,

towards learners, taking students as the center


The trend of linking supply-demand of high-quality human resources

In the past, graduates had to learn and apply by themselves to have job opportunities, which were quite limited, in prestigious corporations and international brands. However now, in the context of the country's increasingly deep integration with new generation free trade agreements (CCTPP, EVFTA, EVIPA, etc.), more and more large corporations and enterprises take the initiative and look to UD, a reliable and fully qualified "address" with the tradition, potential (in terms of staff, facilities, etc.) prestige and experience in training high-quality human resources over the past 45 years, which has been affirmed, recognized and always trusted and accepted by the community, association, businesses, parents and candidates.

UD students have many excellent achievements in

national and international academic contests 

A vivid demonstration from the time when choosing Da Nang as the address to invest in high-tech development, the leading UAC aircraft component manufacturing corporation of the United States has repeatedly come to work and survey and put their trust and accompany with the University of Science and Technology - UD (from the beginning of 2019 to now) in the training process; "Place an order" the University for supplies and recruits graduates from engineering and technology majors (Mechanical, Mechatronic, Automation, Electrical-Electronics and Telecommunications, Information Technology, etc.).

Linking theory with practice,

making STEM education as the foundation

to adapt to the Industry 4.0

Along with the commitment and implementation of UAC Group's support and participation from the training program development and criticism, University of Science and Technology-UD has opened the first Aviation Mechanical Engineering in Vietnam and developed facilities, conditions, equipment for practice, appointed experts to guide students right in the training process.

A series of strategic, long-term, methodical and professional cooperation agreements with international technology corporations such as FUJIKIN, LG, HITACHI, etc. have been signed opening opportunities for students and lecturers to receiving, transferring and exploiting modern and advanced facilities and laboratories right at the University, similar to the actual working and manufacturing environment of international brand enterprises.

Cooperation with SMC Group bring students closer

to the modern and practical production environment


With the commitment of close cooperation towards sustainable development, in the project “Fujikin Danang R&D Center” in Da Nang Hi-Tech Park, FUJIKIN Group will together with University of Science and Technology-UD be ready for a generation of engineers caught up with the movement of the 4.0 revolution in robotics production technologies, new generation medical equipment, technologies that apply clean energy such as hydrogen, LED technology, nanomaterial application technologies, "smart" technology, etc.

Cooperation with Fujikin Corporation, Japan

in training, recruitment and development

for the High-tech laboratory

The first modern digital technology laboratory in the Central region has just been signed by Japan HITACHI Systems Corporation to cooperate with University of Science and Technology-UD, is expected to be put into training, scientific research and become a place to experience, nurture and realize creative inspiration for students, graduate students, etc. to practice, access digital technology right on the lecture halls.

Cooperation with Hitachi Systems to develop Digital Technology Laboratory

According to Mr. Pham Truong Son, Head of the Management Board of Da Nang High-Tech Park and Industrial Park (strategic partner of UD), the city has approved and promoted the implementation of the project to adjust and supplement the development planning industrial parks and hi-tech parks to 2025, with a vision to 2030, making Da Nang High-Tech Park the nucleus of the central key economic region, connecting with Hoa Lac-Ha Noi hi-tech zones and Ho Chi Minh City, the minimum contribution to the GRDP for the city is 10% (by 2025).

This will ensure a great opportunity in terms of human resources that UD's member universities, institutes, faculties and branches are ready to provide and students can study and train with confidence; nurture dreams and ambitions to establish and start a business.

Cooperation with BIDV to deploy the financial package

more than 6.2 billion VND with UD’s students 

With cooperation agreements with localities (Da Nang, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, KonTum, etc.) in training, scientific research associated with application and especially providing, ensuring high quality human resources for a new stage of development; along with the companionship agreements with leading corporations (Viettel, THACO Truong Hai, BIDV, etc.), UD is and will promote close coordination between: (1) The Entrepreneur predicts, with demand for human resources; (2) The State predicts and key investment projects;

 (3) The University determines occupations, targets and training focus with addresses using human resources, with a roadmap, phasing for each key project, associated with addresses in needs of high quality human resources, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Le Hung – Director of Department of Science, Technology and Environment-UD said.

Scholarship JFE Steel Corporation-Japan

has been awarded continuously from 2013 up to now


The good news at the beginning of the year is that the largest joint stock commercial bank in Vietnam BIDV (entrusted to BIDV Hai Van branch) has just committed and implemented a comprehensive financial package to support UD’s students with scholarships, support students in difficulty, share costs, invest in facilities for students' activities and serve the community with a total value of more than 6.2 billion VND.

100 scholarships from the Vietnam Electricity have been awarded to UD’s students


With great effort and determination, UD is ready to meet the needs and great opportunities of employment for students, affirm its prestige for 2 consecutive years in the top 401-450 of the best universities in Asia and ranked 3rd in the country with 24 training programs accredited and recognized to meet international standards to truly be the "destination" to gather and foster talents for the development of the Central Highlands and the whole country.

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