Greeting And Message



 Assoc.Prof.Dr. NGUYEN NGOC VU,

President of the University of Danang

Welcome to the University of Danang (UD), a national key university advanced with its mission by uplifting itself on the two wings of education and research. 

Located in the heart of Danang, a dynamic city and the driving force for development of the Central-Highlands region, surrounded by three UNESCO World Heritage sites: Ancient City of Hoi An, the My Son Holy land and Hue’s Imperial City, UD is growing stronger with its strategic position on the East-West economic corridor toward the East Sea gateway with development potentials and competitive advantages of the country. 

Over 45 years of development, UD has always laid its focus on strengthening the human resources, improving the quality of training and research, considering it a "vital" factor, a goal and motivation to confirm the prestige and quality of the top leading university in Vietnam, ranked in the regional and international higher education system. UD has provided the Central-Highlands and the whole country with leaders, managers, experts, and entrepreneurs in many fields ranging from technology, economics, natural sciences, social sciences to humanities and healthcare. UD alumni have held many key positions and responsibilities in agencies, organizations, schools, and businesses that have significantly contributed to the socio - economic development of the region and the country. 

UD has over 50,000 full-time students including around 1,000 international students with 2,500 faculty & staff members. UD offers 134 undergraduate programs, 46 master's training majors and 28 doctoral ones. UD’s synchronous management model commits the cooperation as a unified entity by UD’s members through principles of inter-disciplinarity and multi-disciplinarity with 6 member universities: University of Science and Technology, University of Economics, University of Science and Education, University of Foreign Language Studies, University of Technology and Education, Vietnam-Korea University of Information and Communication Technology, and seven affiliated units including one campus in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc visited the UD in 2017.

Defining a vision as being a top university in Vietnam and ranked among the top universities in Southeast Asia, UD has made its strong commitment to research in association with technology transfer in response for the societal demands. The University of Danang has been in the list of top 10 universities for international publications in Vietnam. The Journal of Science and Technology of UD has been recognized by Council of Professors (in which the ICT Journal has been added to the list of prestigious national magazines by Nasfoted).

UD’s impact extends well beyond its campuses through the extensive cooperation of more than 300 universities and research and educational partnerships in the world. International cooperation is a respectably strength in the process of international higher education integration. With successful cooperation experiences, UD is also a destination for many national and international events, scientific conferences, and seminars.

As a result, UD is ranked 3rd in the country in terms of the number training programs accredited by Southeast Asia standards (AUN-QA) and Europe (CTI). Specially, UD is always ranked in the top leading universities in Vietnam, maintaining its position in the Top 401-450 best universities in Asia (QS University Ranking-2018-2021), Top 6 leading universities in Vietnam on Webometrics Ranking (2021).

With the mission and great responsibility trusted by the Government and the Ministry of Education and Training, UD is geared towards becoming one of the three prestigious training and research hubs on a regional and global scale. UD will continue to affirm its international quality and prestige making a significant contribution to the process of integration and renovation of the country’s higher education.  

The University of Danang - the right place for intellectual nurture and inspiration of talents, and as a leader in the development of our region and our nation - always warmly welcomes you.


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