University of Education – The University of Danang spent 02 billion VND for offering scholarships to new students in the new school year

Recently, University of Education – the University of Danang (UED-UD) had added a scholarship package "The living expenses support" with the cost of 02 billion VND to new students in the academic year 2020-2021.

According to Assoc. Prof. Luu Trang, Rector of UED-UD, this scholarship was expected to provide for 600 enrolled candidates having the good academic results of 05 semesters (grade 10, 11 and first semester of grade 12) or having the qualified high school graduation exam results (based on the candidate's enrolment method) from top to bottom.

The pedagogical disciplines had a lot of scholarships and careers opportunities

The purpose of this scholarship package was to help new students overcome the difficulties of Covid-19 as well as encourage and attract outstanding students to apply for admission. In addition, UED-UD’s new students also had great opportunities to receive other scholarships such as: “Studying encouragement scholarship” (about 5,000,000 VND/ semester); “AMA scholarship” ($ 50,000/ year); “Scholarships for joining in foreign language courses” (English, Japanese v.v..) and other scholarships outside the budget (the total value was about 2.5 billion VND).

Granting AMA scholarship for UED-UD’s students

With the motto: "Professionalism - Quality - Modern - Integration", UED-UD not only always attached a  special importance to sustainable development policies including many policy decisions for learners, but also focused on implementing policies and activities to support students in studying, scientific research and developing their professional skills.

Along with the state policy of waiving tuition fees for pedagogical students and the various scholarships of UED-UD, new students could ease their concerns about the cost of studying in the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.

UD’s President Nguyen Ngoc Vu (third from right to left) gave gifts to students living in the dormitory in the Covid-19 pandemic

“UED-UD always focuses on supporting and accompanying talented students, students with difficult circumstances, especially students at Pedagogical majors to adapt requirements for the new general educational program. UED-UD has also been developing the cooperation relationship with many enterprises and general education institutions to advise and recommend jobs for students after graduation” said Assoc. Prof. Luu Trang.

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