Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Quang Son – Vice President of the University of Danang (UD) welcomed and worked with the World Bank Group in Vietnam (WB) led by Mr. Dilip Parajuli - Head of the WB's senior expert g


On December 6, The University of Economics – The University of Danang in collaboration with the National Economics University, Cork Institute of Technology (Ireland), Westphalian University (Germany) and University of Liège (Kingdom of Belgium) organized the International Conference on Management and Business (COMB 2019). This was a forum for policy makers to find solutions, select methods and suitable models of governance for the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

International Conference attracts many experts, businesses and policy makers to join and discuss about start-up, business administration

This is also the first time the COMB Conference has been upgraded from a national conference to an international one with the participation and presentation of nearly 90 scientists and experts from many universities, institutes and research institutes from many countries such as: Ireland, Germany, Belgium, etc. In addition, there were the participation of two leading speakers in the field of Administration and Business, Assoc.Prof. Mario Cools (University of Liège) and Dr. Aisling Conway Lenihan (Cork Institute of Technology).

At the conference, the scientists focused on topics such as: Starting a business interested in newly established businesses, stages of business development, innovation and the management of startups; Human resource management on the strategic and technical aspects of management methods such as planning, recruitment, development and investment, remuneration, employee retention, motivation and labor relationships; Organizational behavior aims to understand the organizational environment from the perspective of individuals, individuals with each other, groups and organizations as well as the interaction, connection and interdependence of these organizations in implementing the organizational strategy; Management operations and supply chains to gain insight into value chains, supply chain management and logistics; Consulting and strategic management to prioritize strategic implementation issues in the short, medium and long term and the application of modern management theories to daily work and building the new theories based on the practical activities; Marketing to explore customer needs, characteristics and behavior in the retail market and the tourism sector in the era of e-commerce.

According to the organizer, the International Conference COMB 2019 was the "destination" of the world's leading experts in business and management to meet, share and exchange viewpoints to assess the impact of globalization trends and international economic integration; at the same time, propose solutions to address the challenges that globalization posed to the world economic system. The research projects at COMB 2019 have published research results, proposed many meaningful policies for the sustainable development of businesses as well as the Vietnam's economy.

According to Vietnam Education Newspaper

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