Smart floating garbage collector: From ideas to useful technology products for the community

The beautiful beaches with great tourism potential of Vietnam shall be accompanied by a useful companion namely "Smart floating garbage collector " of the group of students (students) of the University of Danang - University of Science and Technology (DUT) who has just won the "Best Presentation" award at the eProjects-2020 Innovation Showcase held in Ho Chi Minh City.

Project defense at eProjects 2020 – DUT’s student group

This was one of the three tremendous awards of the Competition that brought together innovation projects of students, in collaboration between universities and businesses to execute innovation to serve community.

The project had come up with a solution to pick up plastic waste, automatically check water quality and save fuel. This was a product of scientific and technological research, integrated creation, interdisciplinary work (mechanics, automation control, information technology) with the participation of 04 students including Le Truong Lam, Truong Le Loi (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), Trinh Thanh Phu (Faculty of Information Technology) and Nguyen Hung Thinh (Faculty of Electrical Engineering) under the mentor of PhD. Nguyen Thi Anh Thu - Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology (FAST) - DUT.

Smart floating garbage collector of DUT’s student group

Given by student Le Truong Lam that when started, the machine would move in a certain direction, automatically detect and locate garbage on the water surface (thanks to the camera system). Next, it would automatically navigate the garbage approach and activate the carousel to pick up the garbage and put it into the sorting area: Recyclable and non-recyclable garbage. 
The remarkable point is that water can also be checked by the sensor to measure water quality parameters at each location and update the data to the monitoring application until the machine no longer detects garbage ...

Student directly engaged to the machining


The collector has such advantages as high automation with many "smart" features and moderate size and weight (140 cm long, 60 cm wide, 45 cm high, 50 kg weight), common fuel loaded from the battery of accumulator.

“This useful technology product combines interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. The authors are students from different faculties and training disciplines, clearly demonstrating the interdisciplinary and superiority of the "Project Based Learning" training method that our university has put into development since the academic year 2018-2019, as being applied by many advanced universities in the world” shared PhD. Nguyen Thi Anh Thu.

Integrated interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in 01 technology product

“Saving energy, being able to classify garbage from the beginning and addressing an urgent need of reality to contribute to cleaning the water environment of the beaches, first of all in Da Nang, the "worth living" tourist city with "the most beautiful beaches on the planet" as rated, the product deserve its real meaning" said PhD. Nguyen Thi Anh Thu -Lecturer in charge of the evaluation team.

The result deserves "Project Based Learning" advanced teaching-learning method

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