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1 The 20th International Conference on Advanced Technology 23,24/11/2021 The University of Danang – University of Science and Technology (UD-DUT) University of the Philippines, Kogakuin University- Japan, South Taiwan University of Science and Technology
2 The Conference on Evaluation of work package No. 5 and the Kick-off meeting of work package No. 6 under the framework of PURSEA project 6,7,8,9,10/12/2021 UD-DUT
3 Academic Reunion webinar series on "Digital technology towards green and sustainable development of construction infrastructure". 30/10/2021-29/01/2022 UD-DUT
4 Machine Learning, Data Science, Intelligent Systems and Networking - MADAIN 2020 15,16/12/2021 UD-DUT
5 The 2nd national conference on Heat and Refrigeration technologies for sustainable development 2022 16/9/2022 UD-DUT, Vietnam Association of Thermal Science and Technology, Vietnam Association of Thermal Science and Technology
6 The Kick off meeting of the project “STEM Career Academy in Central Viet Nam - Regional outreach to increase social awareness and enhance capacity in STEAM education and human resources’ 17/4/2022 UD-DUT, SEAMEO STEM-ED, Chevron
7 The 5th International Conference on Control, Robotics and Informatics (ICCRI 2022) 02-04/4/2022 UD-DUT
8 Sakura Science Exchange Program with Nagaoka University of Technology 11/12/2021-22/01/2022 UD-DUT, Nagaoka University of Technology.
9 The National scientific conference: Chemistry in the context of integration and sustainable development 12&12/5/2022 UD- University of Science and Education (UD-UED), Vietnam Association of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Da Nang Chemical Industries
10 The National scientific conference: the establishment of socialism in Vietnam: theory and practice 25/6/2022 UD-UED
11 Workshop "Disseminating propaganda and raising public awareness about the harmful effects of plastic waste, non-biodegradable plastic bags" 28/10/2021 UD-UED, Centre for Natural Resource and Environmental Monitoring - Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
12 The annual conference ICECH 2021 "Business Transformation and Circular Economy" 5-6/11/2021 UD- University of Economics (UD-DUE), Hanoi University of Science and Technology, VNU-University of Economics & Business, National Economics University, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, HoChiMinh City International University, Foreign Trade University, University of Hertfordshire (UK), AVSE Global (France) and PPM School of Management (Indonesia)
13 The 2nd International Conference on Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (Computing4Human-2021) 28-29/10/2021 UD-DUE), Chung-Ang University (Korea), Pohang University of Science and Technology (Korea), International School-VNU-Hanoi, National Economics University and Viettel Academy - Industry - Telecommunications Group of the Army
14 The International Conference on Management and Business (COMB-2021) 26/11/2021 UD-DUE, Heriot-Watt University (UK), University of Liège (Belgium), Mahasarakham University (Thailand), University of Commerce, Nha Trang University, Quy Nhon University, Economic Science Association of Da Nang City
15 International Conference for Young Researchers in Economics & Business (ICYREB-2021) 21/12/2021 UD-DUE, National Economics University, Foreign Trade University, University of Commerce, University of Economics (Hanoi National University), University of Economics (Hue University), University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, University of Economics and Law-VNU Ho Chi Minh City, Banking Academy of Vietnam and Vietnam Academy of Finance
16 The 7th International Conference on Accounting and Finance 2022 (ICOAF 2022) 10/06/2022 UD-DUE, (IGF), University of New South Wales (Australia) Aston University (UK), VinIF
17 The 3rd International Conference on Marketing in the connected age- MICA-2022 1/10/2022 UD-DUE along with several prestigious universities in Vietnam and foreign universities namely London South Bank University (UK), Yokohama National University (Japan), National Economics University, University of Finance - Marketing, and the Da Nang Young Entrepreneurs Association
18 International Conference for Young Researchers in Economics and Business, SR-ICYREB - 2022 30/7/2022 UD-DUE, 10 Universities in Economics and Business
19 The 7th IEEE/ACIS International Conference on Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Data Science Engineering 05/8/2022 UD-VKU, (ACIS, The International Association for Computer and Information Science, IEEE, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
20 The 11th Conference on Information Technology and Its Applications (CITA-2022) 23/7/2022 UD-VKU, Hue University of Education
21 The International Conference on Commerce and Distribution-CODI 2022 09/03/2022 UD Branch in Kontum, Chung Nam National University, University of Commerce and Quy Nhon University
22 Workshop on Ingraining New Learning Ecosystem for Education 4.0 under the framework of EMVITET project 21-25/02/2022 UD-University of Technology and Education
23 Workshop on sharing experiences and solutions to promote scientific and technological activities: Harmonious development between the applied research and international publication 28/10/2022 UD, iGroup
24 National Science Conference: Developing the service section in the industrialization and modernization by 2030, with a vision to 2045 05/8/2022 The Party Central Committee's Economic Commission, Danang City Party Committee and UD
25 The International Conference on "Developing IoT applications and the Free-LoRa platform to build a smart city in Da Nang" 07/5/2022 UD- DNIIT, the Da Nang Union of the Science and Technology Associations
26 Workshop on "Science and Technology activities: the 2016-2020 journey with an orientation to 2030" 29/12/2021 UD
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