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National Conference on Technology Innovation for Sustainable Development
The Scientific Research student conference - University of Science and Technology
3 The Student Conference on Scientific Research - University of Economics 01/2020-12/2020 368 research topics at Faculty level,  05 First Prizes at University level; 05 Second Prizes at University level; 06 Third Prizes at University level; 01 First Prize at Ministerial level,  2020
4 Vietnam Conference on Accounting and Auditing (VCAA) 12/04/2020 Description:

Proceedings of 57 articles; 8 Sessions 
5 The Science and Technology Festival for UD student  30/10/2020 01 second prize at UD level
6  The Fiin Pro Database 01/2020-12/2020  
The International Conference on Higher Education in Vietnam and Asia: Similarities and Possibilities of Cooperation
Participants: 120 
8 The Scientific Research student conference - University of Technology and Education 7/2020
Scientific research is an activity helping students familiarize themselves with research on a small scale but have access to specific objects, forming a sense of deepen thinking and self-study to solve problems. Scientific research student conference is an annual activity organized by school to create an environment for students to exchange and present scientific research results. The conference is also an opportunity for the school to summarize, evaluate and praise the achievements in scientific research activities of students in the academic year 2019-2020.
9 The Scientific Research student conference - University of Foreign Language Studies in academic year 2019 - 2020 18/7/2020
The school had 105 topics, 82 topics in the final round. Finally, there were 9 first prizes, 18 second prizes, 27 third prizes, the rest were consolation prizes. The school reviewed and nominated excellent reports to participate in the Scientific research students conference at UD-level and ministerial-level. There were 01consolation prize at ministerial level and 01 third prize at UD level 
10 The International Conference 
The school cooperated with the VietTESOL association and the U.S. Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City to organize the online VietTESOL Conference 2020, attracting hundreds of reports of leading experts all over the world. The conference was very successful, bringing prestige and strengthening the position of the University in the region and the world.
11 The National Conference on Information Technology and its Application 2020 26/11/2020  
12 International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence ICCCI 30/11/2020-03/12/2020  
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