The University of Danang’s enrollment 2019: The matriculation point increased; the quality of input guaranteed

By the end of August 9, along with universities all over the country, the University of Danang (UD) has completed the announcement of the matriculation scores in 2019. Accordingly, the matriculation points this year has shown 1.5 to 5 points higher than the previous year depending on the training major. It can be seen that UD has the top "input" quality among the regional universities and key universities in the country.

The IT majors are interested in the candidates with a high matriculation score

Students in Tourism Management and Hospitality - one of the disciplines of specific training mechanisms – get more time to do internship at businesses.

Students are excited with advanced teaching and learning methods such as "Project based learning"

Regarding the industry trend, it can be seen that the economic sectors (University of Economics- UD) continue to attract candidates with a matriculation score from 19.50 points to 24 points, especially the key sectors provide high quality manpower for Da Nang such as International business with 24 points; Hotel management with 23 points; Tourism, service and travel management with 22.25 points ... The IT industry sector of UD continues to be the most choices with a high score. High-tech industries, large enterprises invested, even "order" made to University of Science and Technology - UD in early 2019 such as: Control and automation techniques with 21.25 points; Machine manufacturing industry with 20,50 points (University of Science and Technology - UD), Automotive Technology (University of Technology and Education - UD) with 20.4 points ... The field of foreign language services served tourism demand, integration and business, international investment (University of Foreign Languages Studies - UD) all reached high levels from 22.33 to 23.58 points. This shows the trend among today’s candidates, as well as the readiness to meet the human resources needs of UD in the sectors that are "thirsty" of high-quality human resources of the city, in the process of implementing Politburo Resolution No. 43 / NQ-TW on the development of Danang city to 2030, vision to 2045.

Student of University of Science and Technology - UD receives the First Prize of National Competition - EPICS 2018 about technical innovation project to serve the community with "smart" mattress products

In 2019, with efforts to improve the quality and international reputation, positive innovation, UD’s members (led by the University of Technology - UD, University of Economics - UD ...) have been applied advanced teaching and learning methods, "learner-centered"; In particular, focusing on increasing the amount of practice, internship in enterprises and foreign language and informatics skills ... for students, UD has also constantly invested in facilities and learning resources. ... serving to improve the quality of training and scientific research for university members, faculties, institutes, affiliates ... According to the Quality Assurance Department, in the academic year of 2018-2019, UD has ranked third in the country in quantity of 16 training programs accredited to meet international standards (AUN-QA of Southeast Asia, CTI of Europe). Assoc. Prof.Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu – UD’s President affirmed: "UD always considers quality as a vital factor, a goal and a motivation to improve prestige and quality in all aspects according to international standards; expressing the highest "social responsibility", meeting the demand of socio-economic development in the Central Region - Central Highlands as well as the whole country".

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