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 Assoc.Prof.Dr. NGUYEN NGOC VU,

President of the University of Danang

     The University of Danang (UD) now in its twenty-five year of buiding and development since 1994 under Decree No. 32/CP by the Government, was initially established over forty five years of training and research of member units (1975-2019). 

      Located in the heart of Danang city  - a dynamic, developing and nuclear city and the driving force for development of the Central-Highlands region, especially close to the UNESCO World Heritage listed ancient city of Hoi An, the My Son holy land, Hue’s Imperial City and Phong Nha-Ke Bang Scenic Spot, UD is situated in a strategic location on the East-West economic corridor toward the East Sea gateway with development potentials and advantages of the country. 

     As a key regional university providing a wide range of courses and training programs at multi-level and multi-disciplinary, UD has 05 member universities (University of Science and Technology, University of Economics, University of Education, University of Foreign Language Studies, and University of Technology and Education), 01 College of Information Technology (it is currently approved by the Prime Minister and completed the appraisal of the Development Project to become Vietnam-Korea University of Information Technology and Communications under UD) ) and 06 affiliated training units (UD campus in Kon Tum; Vietnam-UK Institute for Research and Executive Education, School of Medicine and Pharmacy, School of Information Technology and Communications, School of International Education and School of Physical Education. 

      For nearly 45 years, UD has provided the Central-Highlands region and the whole country with a large resource of leaders, managers, experts and entrepreneurs in many key fields of engineering - technology, economics - law, social sciences and humanities, education, language - culture, medicine. Alumni, postgraduate students and PhD students of UD are successful and have held key positions and responsibilities in agencies, organizations, schools and businesses that have contributed significantly to the cause of socio - economic development of the region and the country. 

      UD has always focused on building the human resources, improving the quality of training and scientific research, considering it a "vital" factor, a goal and motivation to confirm the prestige and quality of the top leading university in Vietnam, ranked in the regional and international higher education system. With many synchronous and effective policies and solutions, including the policy of sending staff to abroad for training, UD has built and developed rapidly in terms of quantity and quality of lecturers, research staff and management staff with nearly 2,500 officials, including 1500 lecturers (09 professors, more than 100 associate professors, more than 500 doctor of science and doctor, reaching 32% of qualified lecturers holding doctorate or higher degree, particularly University of Science and Technology-UD has a high rate of 52% compared to the national average). UD has now attracted and trained more than 60 new doctors every year.

     According to the orientation of research university, in order to focus on improving the quality, UD advocates to maintain a reasonable training scale with currently more than 50,000 regular undergraduate students, nearly 5,000 graduate and PhD students and 600 international students, an average of 11,300 freshmen per year (regular university system). UD has a full range of training majors: 130 undergraduate majors, 44 graduate majors, 22 PhD majors, including 40 advanced, high-quality and joint training programs meeting the high quality demand of human resources for Danang city, localities of the Central-Highlands region and the whole country, especially the key and high-tech industries, ready for industrial revolution 4.0. Thanks to the combination of training and employment, the university and the enterprise, the quality of training at UD has continuously improved, approaching international standards. As the first regional university in the country since 2016, 100% of its member universities have met the national quality standards, University of Science and Technology - UD is one of the first four universities in Vietnam to be reached the international standards of HCERES. As of the 2018-2019 academic year, UD is ranked 3rd in the country in terms of the number of accredited training programs, reaching international standards with 16 accredited programs, meeting Southeast Asia standards (AUN-QA) and Europe. (CTI).  

    Thanks to the potential of the human resource and facilities that are continually invested in a synchronous and modern direction, UD's scientific and technological activities are promoted in association with application transfer to serve the community's interests (particularly in 2018, there were nearly 400 scientific research projects at all levels and many useful solutions, inventions); the number of published scientific works has increased rapidly (on average, there are nearly 800 international articles every year, of which nearly 200 are in prestigious ISI and SCOPUS lists). Journal of Science and Technology of UD has been recognized by many Council of professors with a score of 0.5 to 1.5 (in which the ICT Journal has been added to the list of prestigious national magazines by Nasfoted). In addition to strengthening international publication and innovation, UD has focused on developing applied research to meet practical requirements of localities. International cooperation is a respectedly strength in the process of international higher education integration. UD has extensive cooperation with over 200 universities and scientific-educational organizations in the world such as the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, South Korea, Singapore ...With successful cooperation experiences, UD is also a destination for many national and international events, scientific conferences and seminars.

    By relentless efforts to innovate in the form of advanced university governance, promoting the strength of the regional multi-disciplines university system, improving the role of university autonomy associated with social responsibility, contributing positively to community, UD is always ranked in the top leading universities in Vietnam: Top 2-3 according to uniRank rankings (2018, 2019 of 4icu organization), Top 6-10 according to Webometrics rankings (2018, 2019) and Top 400-500 Best Universities in Asia in 02 consecutive years (2018, 2019), ranked by the UK's prestigious Quacquarelli Symonds Educational Organization (QS).

    With the mission and great responsibility trusted by the Government and the Ministry of Education and Training, UD is directed to promote investment in the construction of UD's Urban University (in Hoa Quy-Dien Ngoc) to "become one of the three prestigious training and scientific research centers on a regional and global scale. According to the" Master development strategy of UD until 2025, vision to 2035 ", UD will continue to affirm its international quality and prestige making an important contribution to the process of integration and renovation of the country’s higher education.  

The University of Danang - the incubator for intelectual and talented people for the development of the Central Areas and Western Highlands of Vietnam - always warmly welcomes you.


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