Photo caption: 1- General Secretary Le Duan paid a courtesy visit to University of Science and Technology, UD; 2- The General Vo Nguyen Giap visited University of Science and Technology, UD; 3- Advisor of The Central Committee of the Communist Party, Former Prime Minister Pham Van Dong paid a courtersy visit to UD; 4- President Tran Duc Luong visited UD.

* 1975 - 1976: Danang Institute of Higher Education

Established under Decision No. 66/QĐ dated July 11th 1975 by the Revolutionary People's Committee of the Central Region

Based at Hoa Khanh Ward, Hoa Vang District, Quang Nam - Da Nang Province and at 24 Tran Phu St. , Da Nang City.

Housed four faculties: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Economics and University Foundation.

Headed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ly Ngoc Sang, Executive Director.

* 1975 - 1994: The establishment of precursor universities

Danang Polytechnic University:

Established on Oct 27th 1976 with two campuses –Hoa Khanh Campus and Bac My An Campus. The university offered degrees in the fields of Engineering and Economics, and it was led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ly Ngoc Sang (1976 - 1989) and by Prof. Dr. Phan Ky Phung (1989 - 1994).

College of Economics:

In 1985, all the Economics majors nestled in Danang Polytechnique University was partitioned to become College of Economics based in Bac My An Ward. The College was initially made up of three faculties: Industry and Trade, Statistics - Accounting - Finance and In-service Training. Mr. Nguyen Phien held the position of Rector. In 1988, the College was merged back to Danang Polytechnic University.

Danang Teacher Training College of Foreign Languages:

Established on April 14th 1985, located at 41 Le Duan St. with three faculties: English, Russian and French.

Rectors throughout the years include: Mr. Vu Dinh Khanh (1985 - 1986), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hao (1986 - 1988), Dr. Duong Lan (1988 - 1989), Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duc Chinh (1989 - 1991), Meritorious Lecturer Dang Cong Ly (1991 - 1994).

Quang Nam - Da Nang College of Education:

Established on November 3rd 1976, located in Hoa Khanh Ward and merged with College of Educational Management Officials Training (1987) and Quang Nam - Danang Vocational College of Pedagogy (1990).

Its Rectors were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Xuan Nhi (1976 - 1981), Dr. Nguyen Quang Tan (1981 - 1987), Mr. Truong Dinh Nam (1987 - 1993), and Dr. Nguyen Khac Sinh (1993 - 1994).

Nguyen Van Troi Vocational College of Technology:

Established in 1976 (formerly known as Danang Vocational College of Engineering) and located at 1 Cao Thang St. Its Rectors were: Mr. Hoang Thu Nam (1975 - 1976), Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Lien (1976 - 1980), Mr. Le Van Tai (1980 - 1982), Mr. Nguyen Nghia (1982 - 1983), Mr. Bui Ngoc Que (1983 - 1990), Mr. Truong An (1990 - 1994).

* 1994 - now: The University of Danang (UD)

Established under the Decree 32/CP dated April 4th 1994 by the Government on the basis of merging Danang Polytechnic University, Danang Teacher Training College of Foreign Languages, Quang Nam - Danang College of Education and Nguyen Van Troi Vocational College of Technology. UD has its headquarter based at 41 Le Duan St., Danang City.

In 1994, UD had five member universities/colleges: University of Engineering (renamed to University of Science and Technology in 1998); University of Economics and Business Administration (renamed to University of Economics in 2004); University of Education; University of General Education (dissolved in 1997); College of Technology. After that, other member universities/colleges were in turn established:

2002: University of Foreign Language Studies.

2003: College of Information Technology.

2007: UD's campus in Kon Tum.

2014: School of International Education

VN-UK Institute for Research and Executive Education.

2017: University of Technology and Education (upgraded from College of Technology); School of Information and Communication Technology; Danang International Institute of Technology (DNIIT) in collaboration with University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis.

2020: Vietnam - Korea University of Information and Communication Technology.

Presidents of UD over the periods include: Prof. Dr. Phan Ky Phung (1994 - 1999), Prof. Dr. Phan Quang Xung (1999 - 2005), Prof. Dr. Bui Van Ga (2005 - 2010), Prof. Dr. Tran Van Nam (2010 - 2018), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu (2018 - now).

2004: UD was awarded the First Prize of the Labour Medal.

2009: UD was awarded the Second prize of the Labour Medal by the President of Lao People's Democratic Republic.

2010: UD was awarded the Third Prize of the Independence Medal.

UD's member universities/colleges and its individuals have been awarded the First, Second, Third prizes of Labour Medal and other noble forms of award.

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