Decision on the publication of "The mission, vision, strategic goals, core values and slogan of the University of Danang"


Training human resources with creative thinking, startup determination; having the bravery and ability to work in the international and domestic environment; pioneering in preserving national identity, spreading scientific knowledge, contributing into building a peaceful and prosperous Vietnam. 

UD will be one of three biggest centers; a training, research and technology transfer center; a multi-disciplinary, multi-level university with high quality training to reach the domestic and international standards.
UD aims to become one of the top universities in Vietnam and be ranked among the top 50 universities in Southeast Asia with many key training fields in Technology, Economics, Natural Sciences, Society and Humanities, Medicine; a cooperation center in research and application deployment at domestic and international level.
Strategic objectives
The strategic objective of UD is to build a unified regional university comprising of many universities and affiliated units basing on an advanced university governance model; a multi-level, multi-disciplinary university with a dynamic and creative learning and research environment in order to train highly qualified human resources for the socio-economic development of the Central area-Western highland and the whole country; a scientific research and technology transfer center for solving all professional and multidisciplinary issues, creating a motivation for sustainable development of the region; an important bridge in international cooperation to support the regional comprehensive integration in the globalization process; join in the accreditation and ranking systems of domestic and international universities so that UD is always in the top domestic and regional universities.

Core values
Quality – Creativity – Humanities - Community serving  Quality: the quality of training, scientific research and community services have been gradually improved according to international standards to ensure that UD’s graduates have the same qualification and skills as those of ASEAN countries and the world.
Creativity: representing the innovative spirit of thinking and doing; turning challenges into opportunities, producing new knowledge. Graduates are highly dynamic, self-adapt to the working environment.
Humanities: training students to not only love the homeland, preserve and develop the four thousand-year-old tradition of the nation but also be ethical in performing public duties, selfless, cooperative spirit, and respecting each other to achieve the same goals. Community serving: continuously improving the serving quality of nation and community is the goal of UD's training and scientific research activities. This requires the ability to update and renew the curriculum and teaching methods so that graduates have the best ability to work and serve for community effectively.

“The incubator of intellects and talents for the development of the Central Area- Western Highlands and the whole country”

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