1. The dormitory of University Of Economics: Covering more than 5000m2 in the campus, the dormitory is an ideal place for local and international students as well as visiting lecturers come to study, research, and work. With two five-floor buildings (Building B and C) for domestic students and one five-floor building (international dormitory) for international students, we offer students various types of accommodations with comfort and modern technology: 

Room features include a private bathroom, clothes drying area, beds, safes, desks with bookcases and wireless Internet connection. However, the room is not equipped with air condition, washing machine and kitchen utensils (since students are not allowed to cook in the room). 

The dormitory provides a variety of services and resources: A community room with cable TVs, stereo systems, two study rooms, a computer room with high-speed Internet connection, laundry room, a canteen, a convenient store, sports yards, and parking areas.

2. The dormitory of University of Science and Technology 

3. The dormitory of University of Education

4. The dormitory of University of Foreign Language Studies 

5. The dormitory of  University of Technology and Education:  Located on campus, Student dormitory is equipped with a full range of essential supplies and equipment. It has 100 rooms, maximum capacity of 800 students.

6. The dormitory of Vietnam - Korea University of Information and Communication Technology: The student dormitory area consists of 5 5-storey buildings, for about 5,000 boarding students, with fully furnished rooms, self-contained auxiliary works in each room.

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